New 'Super Smash Bros.' Won't Use Circle Pad Pro

Super Smash Bros 3DS Circle Pad Pro

Hype surrounding the Super Smash Bros. franchise is currently at an all-time high, and understandably so given the fact that fans have been waiting since both the Wii U and 3DS versions were formally announced at E3 2011. Couple that with the recent excitement surrounding the unveiling of the New 3DS and it's never been a better time for gamers to size up the premise of picking up Nintendo's handheld.

One major feature that the aforementioned new portable gaming device brings to the table is an additional C-Button that allows for a myriad of new features within 3DS titles. While upcoming games like Monster Hunter 4 will make use of the additional stick, Nintendo also confirmed that Super Smash Bros. for 3DS will feature a use for the button – allowing players to use the miniature stick to bust out Smash attacks quickly and efficiently.

Since the game will support the use of a secondary thumb stick, many fans assumed that the forthcoming Smash title would be compatible with the already released Circle Pad Pro for the Nintendo 3DS. Alas, Nintendo of Japan has confirmed on its official website that the rather bulky peripheral will not be compatible in any way with the new fighting game.

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The Wii U version will also support this feature via the GameCube controller and its C-Stick, which makes the exclusion of Circle Pad Pro compatibility all the more odd. Since the New 3DS likely won't be arriving in North America until some point in 2015, Japanese gamers will have a distinct advantage when pit against others from around the world online as a result of their access to a second thumb stick.

Of course, this will eventually be rectified with the global release of the New 3DS hardware, but it's still an initial road bump for many diehard fight fans.

With the roster already seemingly leaked, many gamers are waiting with bated breath to finally get their hands on the new Super Smash Bros. game next month. It's hard to say what, if any, surprises will be awaiting fans, but be sure to stay tuned to Game Rant for more details on the new titles.


Super Smash Bros. for 3DS will be arriving on October 3, 2014, while the Wii U version will hit during Holiday 2014.

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Source: Nintendo (via IGN)

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