Super Pokemon Scramble was announced only a few days ago, and many avid Pokemon fans have been wondering what the game looks like in action. It seems that their Poke-filled wishes have come true, because Nintendo has released an official trailer for the new game. It doesn’t really offer any new details (like a North American release date), but it does showcase a solid chunk of what should be expected from Super Pokemon Scramble‘s gameplay for when it finally does make its way here.

For those who don’t know, Super Pokemon Scramble is follow up to the 2009 WiiWare title Pokemon Rumble. The new game features a bounty of new modes, features, environments, and new Pokemon from the recently released Black and White versions. The models of the creatures aren’t comparable to renditions of themselves in something like Pokedex 3D, because they’ve maintained the cutesy origami look from the original WiiWare installment. All of the new content, combined with the fact that it’s a Pokemon game, should ensure that the game sells well when it finally chooses to release.

See which Pokemon you can catch in the official trailer for Super Pokemon Scramble, conveniently located below for your viewing pleasure.


The new promotional video features many familiar faces from every generation of Pocket Monsters, so it’s safe to assume that nearly every Pokemon that has been created to-date will be making an appearance in the SPS. The announcer is also quite ecstatic about the new title, and while Game Rant has no idea what he’s saying, if he’s excited for the latest Pokemon game on the Nintendo 3DS then so are we.

Nintendo will likely give the game a name change when they decide announce the title for areas outside of Japan, and that should happen soon considering that the game is currently scheduled to release in Japan on July 28th.

What do you think of the gameplay in the latest trailer? Will you buy Super Pokemon Scramble?

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