Super Nintendo World is Coming to Universal Orlando Theme Park

super nintendo world univeral orlando theme park

Nintendo made waves a few years ago with the reveal of a Super Nintendo World section coming to the Universal Studios Japan theme park. Now a leak indicates that Super Nintendo World will be coming to the West, and it's intended to be the biggest feature of a brand-new Universal park.

Universal Studios is planning to open a third theme park in Orlando, Florida called Universal's Epic Universe. The park will allegedly contain rides and attractions from a wide variety of film properties, as well as Super Nintendo World. According to the informant, Super Nintendo World will be the most important part of the park, with a heavy emphasis and presence in marketing for Universal's Epic Universe.

According to the leak, Super Nintendo World will open with at least three rides. This includes a Mario Kart ride, Donkey Kong's Mine Cart Madness roller coaster, and Yoshi's Adventure. Not much is known about the proposed rides, although some alleged mock-ups of how the Nintendo areas of the park will look like have made their way online.

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Super Nintendo World in Japan has yet to open, but is currently under construction. Nintendo and Universal plan to open the park in time for the 2020 Olympics, which will be hosted in Tokyo. It's a clever tie-in, as tourism will likely be up during that time, and Nintendo already has a strong presence in the Olympics. Mario appeared in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics promotion played during the closing ceremonies of the 2016 Olympics.

It's been long-rumored that Super Nintendo World would eventually make its way Stateside, but this is the first confirmation from an insider as to what it might actually contain, and how important it will be to the overall park. It would appear that Nintendo is sticking with its most classic franchises to start. Since it's opening in a brand new park, though, there's expansion potential for the future that could bring more rides and attractions from other Nintendo game series.

For gamers that aren't located near Orlando, there's still hope for the future. Nintendo has claimed that the Nintendo expansions to theme parks will also be coming to Hollywood, California and Singapore, too.

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Source: VentureBeat

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