Everyone remembers their first console — whether it was the Atari, the NES, the PlayStation, or even the Xbox 360. There’s an inherent fondness gamers hold for their early gaming experiences that transcends graphical fidelity, tight gameplay mechanics, or even a compelling story.

And so, when someone attempts to capitalize on that nostalgia, and deliver one of the most comprehensive collections from video gaming’s earlier days, we have to take note.

This person in question, who goes by the name Byuu on Reddit, is offering his entire Super Nintendo collection on eBay for $24,999. While some game collections are about the rares and the ultra rares, Byuu’s is about sheer volume as he claims to have every Super Nintendo game released in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. That’s 721 games in total.

Conditions on individual games range from “near mint to fair,” Byuu says, and he mentions he spent more on games in better condition so that they would be seen as the “prized pieces of the collection.” More importantly than quality, though, he has tested each game and they all work perfectly.

Byuu’s collection includes a lot of Nintendo‘s prized franchises — everything from Legend of Zelda to Mario, from Super Metroid to Final Fantasy. It really is quite the collection. To list all 721 titles would be a fool’s errand, so make sure to check out his eBay post to see a list of the titles, as well as quality classifications for the cartridge, instructions, and box.

The seller does say he would prefer to do the sale outside of eBay, as that service would take 10% of his profits, which he plans to put towards acquiring European and Japanese sets. From the perspective of an extreme collector, though, $24,999 is a steal as some of the rarer games in the collection account for nearly half its value.

Would you be interested in a SNES collection like this? What games would you love to have from the set?

Source: Reddit (hat-tip Ryan)

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