Super Monkey Ball 3DS Trailer Rolls Out

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It's been a busy weekend for game trailers everywhere and it appears SEGA doesn't want to be left out of all the fun. They've chosen to roll out a new trailer for their upcoming Nintendo 3DS title, Super Monkey Ball 3DS.


The trailer showcases the return of AiAi, Baby, MeeMee and GonGon as well as four, yet to be identified, characters in the group's latest adventure. While the trailer doesn't specify particular modes, it does indicate similar gameplay to that found in previous Super Monkey Ball games. If you've never played one of these games, the concept is very simple. Reach the “goal” of a stage without falling off the edge while collecting as many bananas as possible, against a set time limit. Sound fun? Combined with up to four friends Super Monkey Ball is a recipe for mass amounts of fun to be had.

For those who adore a great multiplayer experience, the new game comes packed with new features. As well as ball antics the game now includes a mode entitled 'Monkey Race'. This will see up to four players leaving their balls behind and instead competing in karts, using various items and powerups to race against each other. Another addition to the game is 'Monkey Fight', a mode in which four players steal bananas from each other before the time limit is up. Sounds bananas to us!

It will be interesting to see how SEGA plans on using the Nintendo 3DS' capabilities. The Apple iPhone version tried to use the devices built in gyroscope while the Nintendo DS used the touch screen to create movement. Neither completely satisfied fans and while the Nintendo 3DS has both of these options available to it, there is also the presence of an analogue stick should SEGA decide to stick to traditional thinking.

The original Super Monkey Ball attracted critical praise on its release for the Nintendo GameCube, due to its innovative and fun approach to platforming. The series hasn't quite reached those heights in the preceding years, with showings on the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii failing to capture the fans imaginations. Here's hoping this is a return to form for Game Rant's favorite monkey rollers.

Are the Ranters excited for the return of SEGAs' Super Monkey Ball? What new features would you like to see in the final game?

Super Monkey Ball 3DS is expected to be released alongside the Nintendo 3DS in early 2011.Source: Nintendo 3DS Blog

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