'Super Meat Boy' Becomes Cancelled Meat on WiiWare

Super Meat Boy Never Coming to WiiWare or PS3

Super Meat Boy hit XBLA over two months ago and came to PCs everywhere in the past month via Steam (which recently had a very good deal on the game not too long ago), so the final group of people waiting for the game's long anticipated release was Wii owners.

It would appear that those waiting for Super Meat Boy's WiiWare debut should start looking for the title elsewhere, because according to Team Meat it's been cancelled.

Team Meat delivered this potentially devastating news via Twitter stating:

"There will not be a WiiWare version of SMB."

A little while back, there was talk about a potential retail release of Super Meat Boy for the Wii and Team Meat would like to ensure everyone that they "are looking in to retail Wii, but it's also looking grim. Still looking though."

Those words are sure to bring tears to the eyes of Wii-faithful, but it's really not up to them if Super Meat Boy will ever be available on the Wii.

Other sites have falsely reported that the PC Special Edition (announced a few weeks ago) was in jeopardy. This is NOT the case as Team Meat has been kind enough to clear up these rumours with a public statement via Twitter once more.

"We said "No WiiWare and Wii Retail is hard to get" not "No WiiWare, No Wii and PC Special edition is grim" JOURNALISM!!!"

The way the WiiWare service is built now it won't allow for downloads over roughly 40MB. This poses a problem for any dev team, like the one behind Meat Boy, who has a game that weighs in at a little over 900MB. It's odd that the guys behind Super Meat Boy are having so many Wii troubles, especially when the Wii was the first home console that the game was originally confirmed to appear on.

Team Meat also wanted to assure PlayStation 3 owners that they "have no beef with PS3, we cant ever do a ps3 version because of our contract with MS."

See, Team Meat doesn't hate PlayStation 3 owners, Microsoft does!

In all seriousness, it's a bummer that the Wii version has essentially been cancelled - and that a PS3 version isn't in the cards. That being said, gamers on both PC and Xbox 360 can still enjoy this great game, and the fact that Super Meat Boy is currently 50% off on Steam and $5 off on 360 does well to calm down our unfathomable rage.

Are you bummed about the cancellation of Super Meat Boy on Wii?

Source: Team Meat (via Twitter)

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