'Super Meat Boy' Toys Are Delicious

Super Meat Boy Action Figures

Super Meat Boy has been quite a successful project for the developers at Team Meat, and with the recent launch of a physical retail edition of the game it's easy to assume that fans of the title only have more Meat Boy-fueled awesomeness to look forward to in the future.

Of course, a Super Meat Boy 2 isn't in the cards at the moment, and Team Meat has already expressed their disinterest in cashing in on a sequel that didn't offer anything new in terms of gameplay. Sure, Team Meat have recently become registered 3DS developers, but it could be sometime before that game is ready to launch, so what do fans have to wet their appetite for now?

That's a great question, and it's one that Voxelous has an answer for — brand new Super Meat Boy action figures. Voxelous currently has four different characters that are available for purchase: Meat Boy, Bandage Girl, Brownie, and the infamous Tofu Boy. Each character stands approximately 2" tall, making each figurine just a little bit taller than a quarter. The inside of each toy is hollow, making each figure extremely light. However, the toys are said to be strong enough to withstand accidental falls, so they aren't too fragile in their hollow state.

The figures may look mildly grainy, but that's simply due to the fact that they "are made in a color 3D printer using powder and colored glue. They are then dipped in superglue to make them stronger and given a UV coating to protect the colors from the sun." Voxelous has stated that these toys are only the first step in a planned series that will eventually render all other playable characters from both XBLA and PC versions of Super Meat Boy in a plastic and collectable form.

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These Super Meat Boy action figures will run collectors $12 each, plus shipping and handling. Voxelous is also currently sold out of Meat Boy and Tofu Boy, but rest assured that they will come back in stock in the near future. Until then you can go back to trying to collect every bandage in the actual game, because we both know you haven't done that yet.

Are you going to add these adorable Super Meat Boy figures to your collection? Which characters from the game would you like to see turned into action figures next?

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Source: Voxelous

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