'Super Meat Boy' XBLA Title Update Adds 20 Gish Exclusive Levels

Super Meat Boy - 'Sewers of Drosh' - 20 New Gish Exclusive Levels

Now that everyone has played through Super Meat Boy to 100% completion, it's about time for some extra content, right? Luckily, everyone 12 pounds ball of tar Gish will be receiving a pack of 20 exclusive levels, hopefully landing in a title update before November 21. This is the first of three downloadable chapters, each exclusive to a playable Super Meat Boy character. The chapter is aptly titled 'The Sewers of Dross', after the first world in Gish's own PC game.

That's not all that will be included in the update though. Super Meat Boy's blog confirms that all known bugs will be fixes with the patch, including the terrible 0.0 second bug which troubles Meat Boy's leaderboard. There will also be a new music track added to the game titled 'Dr. Fetus' Castle', and if it's anything like the rest of the soundtrack (only $4) it should be glorious.

Team Meat also had some news for those patiently awaiting the PC release of Super Meat Boy. Expect to see the game hit Steam (hopefully) in late November. The PC exclusive level editor will follow in December, but will likely be, "a bit rough." PC gamers will also be excited to hear that they'll be receiving six exclusive playable characters, that will never see release on the Xbox 360. The first three characters have been announced, they are: player's avatar from Minecraft, Captain Viridian from platformer VVVVVV, and Josef the robot from adventure game Machinarium. Here's a hint at the remaining surprise characters: "a one of them sticks, one of them dashes, one of them changes form".

There may be no sequel coming for Super Meat Boy, but Team Meat is still going out of their way to make their game the best it can possibly be. Game Rant loved the game, providing a rare 4.5 out of 5 score, and with the PC release, extra content and the upcoming level editor with resources for community made maps, Super Meat Boy is getting better.

Have you picked up this gem of an arcade game yet, Ranters? Have you just been waiting for a PC release? Will the promise of all this extra content finally persuade you?

Super Meat Boy is currently available for the Xbox 360 over XBLA, and will be coming to PC via Steam in late November.

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