'Super Meat Boy' Hates Vegetables in Team Meat's Hilarious Release Trailer

Super Meat Boy Painting

Ever since Microsoft announced The Game Feast, their follow-up to the famed Summer of Arcade, people have been looking forward to the last course, Super Meat Boy.

Something about the game’s old school approach and its hilarious retro trailer all but confirmed its status as a go-to-title for retro gaming fun. So, in honor of Super Meat Boy’s release yesterday, Team Meat posted a celebratory release trailer.

Not even 20 seconds into the trailer it is apparent how much fun the guys at Team Meat are having. A not-so-subtle knock on vegetarians is funny and incredibly fitting - considering the theme and attitude of the game. After the opening scene, the rest of the trailer is pure retro gaming. The audio sounds like something straight out of an old Nintendo commercial.

Check it out below:


They sure know how to take retro gaming, indie gaming, and tough as nails platforming and blend it into a game that exudes nostalgia. In an industry that sometimes takes itself too seriously, a comical trailer is a breath of fresh air and something I’d like to see more often. From start to finish, this release trailer had me smiling and ready to drop everything and go play SMB.

Super Meat Boy was released at a discounted price for early adopters and will remain on sale until November. I was planning on buying the game anyway so the cheaper price was great news. I’d definitely recommend picking up the game and not letting the difficulty scare you away. I also suggest you check out Game Rant’s official Super Meat Boy Review along with the entertaining Super Meat Boy edition of Real-Life Fictional Stories.

I’m digging Super Meat Boy and already have my eyes peeled for what Team Meat does next.

What do you think of the release trailer? Genuis or insensitive? Have you picked up Super Meat Boy and if so are you enjoying it?

Super Meat Boy is available now on XBLA for only 800 Microsoft Points and is coming soon to PC and Wii.

Source: Team Meat Blog

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