Super Meat Boy Launches Tomorrow at 33% Off

Super Meat Boy Sale

Super Meat Boy has been getting a lot of good reviews, and we here at GR would be lying if we said we were at all surprised by that. What does surprise us is the fact that the good people at Team Meat and Microsoft have decided to launch the game at 33% off regular price. That's right this brand new meat-filled Xbox Live Arcade game can be yours for the low low price of 800 Microsoft Points, but you'll have to act fast as this deal will only be available for a "limited time only".

This "limited time only" deal means that it will only be available until November. Team Meat originally wanted to have this sale around Christmas time, but they felt like that would an unfair thing to do to the fans who just bought it. So Team Meat came up with the idea to reward early buyers with a sale. Apparently, Microsoft loved the idea and they finalized the temporary price adjustment just this past Friday.

You can check out the official announcement below:

"Super Meat Boy will launch on xbla ON SALE for 800 ms points! (that's $10 bucks!) the sales for a limited time only and will go back up to our normal price of 1200 ms points in Nov."

This marks the first time that an Xbox Live Arcade game has ever launched at a sale price, which is kind of historic in a sense. Of course there are business aspects to the decision, as Microsoft wants us to buy points and have leftovers resulting in you spending even more on points to buy something with the 400 points you have left. Regardless of Microsoft's motives, Team Meat seems like a bunch of cool Indy Devs who just want to do it right for their fans.

If you were already planning on purchasing Super Meat Boy tomorrow then this is an unexpected -- yet awesome -- bonus, and if you were on the fence about the game then you have nothing to lose by buying it now while it's on sale. The game is apparently unforgivingly hard, so maybe you could invest the money you save on Super Meat Boy into some extra 360 controllers after you've smashed a few in frustration.

Super Meat Boy launches tomorrow only on Xbox Live Arcade for a measly, yet temporary, 800 points ($10).

Source: Team Meat

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