'Super Meat Boy: The Game' Officially Revealed for iOS

Super Meat Boy The Game Mobile Touchscreen

It's April Fool's Day, a day when video game news sites often attempt to prank their reader base in a usually obvious fashion. Still, even with a cloak of skepticism, odds are you'll be bludgeoned to near frustration with a ton of faux info.

The pair of developers at Team Meat, Edmund McMillan and Tommy Refenes, know this and that's likely why they've trollingly (but officially) revealed the first image of their new game, Super Meat Boy: The Game, for iOS devices.

As previously reported, Team Meat has been working hard to bring the indie smash-hit Super Meat Boy to iOS, but the team wasn't willing to bring the game to touchscreens if it meant sacrificing the precision that tactile buttons provide. After coming to the conclusion that there was no way of porting the original title "without the game becoming a pile of garbage," Refenes and McMillan began developing the iOS version of Super Meat Boy from the ground up.

Super Meat Boy: The Game looks to feature a mildly different art style compared to the original, but it is "probably going to change a lot." While the look of the game will surely be given a few changes, the core gameplay itself remains in the platformer genre. Team Meat did confirm that their latest downloadable romp won't be "the Super Meat Boy you're used to." So far it's been confirmed that the game will be made up of new art and new music/sounds, but not many more details have gotten out pertaining to how the devs plan on bringing the experience to iOS.

Those who dislike Apple products, but love Super Meat Boy, may be delighted to learn that the game will be coming to other mobile touchscreen devices as well (Android?). It appears that the goal is to get the game to iOS first and port it over to other devices later, but it'll be interesting to see where the game winds up after development wraps up.


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Source: Team Meat

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