Team Meat's Mystery Project Is 'Super Meat Boy Forever'?

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It's hard not to like Team Meat. The developer - a two-man team made up of Tommy Refenes and Edmund McMillen - created one of the most iconic indie hits in recent years with 2010's Super Meat Boy. The duo's determined work ethic was also shown to the world via the 2012 documentary Indie Game: The Movie, which showcased Super Meat Boy's critical and commercial triumph.

However, fans would have to wait a long time for a follow-up from the developer. Although Refenes and McMillen would work on other projects together, development was slow. Some projects, such as Team Meat's attempt to bring Super Meat Boy to iOS, would have development halted, whilst updates on wacky cat-breeding sim Mew-Genics have dropped off since February.

Those waiting for a new project were then met with interesting news earlier this month. According to a listing in PAX Prime, Team Meat was unveiling a brand new title called A Voyeur for September at the show. The mysterious title was described as being a "live-action stealth game" available on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and "physical." Many suspected the title has being based around real-world player locations. However, others noticed that 'A Voyeur for September' had a rather interesting anagram: 'Super Meat Boy Forever'. Could it be that Team Meat was set to unleash another Meat Boy title?

Super Meat Boy Forever Gameplay

As it turns out, that theory was correct. Team Meat revealed Super Meat Boy Forever at PAX Prime's Indie Megabooth, with the meaty mascot back in action. As it turns out, Super Meat Boy Forever is slightly different to the original title. The gameplay dynamic is less of a straight-forward platformer and is instead an auto-runner. 

Super Meat Boy Forever was also announced on Team Meat's website, along with more details about the title. The game, however, is not an endless runner, and will instead feature a full story of six chapters and "double the bosses the original game featured." It will feature an endless mode, though -  complete with daily runs and online high scores. There will also be a dark world complete with warps and bosses, and will have other playable characters to unlock. The levels will also be randomly generated, leading to a different playthrough after each death.

Team Meat is, as of yet, unable to give a definitive timescale on release. However, the developer has a launch aimed for "sometime next year." The game is currently two months into development and will be available on phones and tablets - filling the void left by the cancelled Super Meat Boy for iOS - as well as Steam.

Here's hoping Super Meat Boy Forever continues the high quality and fiendish fun of its predecessor.

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