Super Meat Boy Forever Finally Gets a Release Date


Although the developers behind the smash indie hit Super Meat Boy first announced its sequel, Super Meat Boy Forever, with a teaser trailer back in 2014, news of it has been relatively quiet since. While a trailer for it was shown at PAX West last year, its release date has involved nothing but speculation, until now. In the Kinda Funny Games Showcase earlier today, Team Meat finally revealed the release date for the highly-anticipated sequel.

Super Meat Boy fans have been eagerly awaiting Super Meat Boy Forever's release for over four years, and now they finally have a release date to look forward to. The sequel is set to release in April 2019, five years after its first teaser trailer. While no specific day was revealed, Team Meat will surely announce one soon. Only being four months away, Super Meat Boy: Forever's close release date came as a surprise to many, and it is only fitting that the Kinda Funny Games Showcase opened with its announcement trailer.

Since Sony decided not to hold a PlayStation Experience this year, the team at Kinda Funny Games stepped in to fill that void. Lucky for Team Meat, the KFG Showcase was held only two days after the Game Awards. Team Meat took full advantage of this by also having it revealed at the Game Awards that Super Meat Boy Forever would be available on the Epic Games Store. After Steam launched a new payment plan that would benefit AAA developers but restrict indie developers, the creators of Fortnite stepped up with the announcement of their own platform to buy games on. The Epic Games Store has already locked in numerous deals with indie developers due to 88% of its revenue going directly to the developers.

Now that Super Meat Boy fans finally have a release date, there is some catching up to do. While many fans have probably already played through Super Meat Boy, they may have not had a chance to play it on Nintendo Switch yet. It was not long ago that Super Meat Boy was ported to Nintendo Switch, and while Super Meat Boy Forever is only mere months away, it may be worth it to dive back into the original on the Switch.

Super Meat Boy Forever will release in April 2019 for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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