GR Pick: 'Super Meat Boy' Conquered by Captain Viridian from 'VVVVVV'

Super Meat Boy - Captain Viridian from VVVVVV as a Playable Character

2010 saw the release of at least two amazing, independently made platformers in VVVVVV and Super Meat Boy. Likely due to Super Meat Boy's inclusion in the PAX 10, a group of ten outstanding independent games, and an initial release on the Xbox 360, Super Meat Boy became much more popular than VVVVVV. To share the love, Team Meat went on to include VVVVVV's Captain Viridian as a playable character in Super Meat Boy's PC release. It's only fitting that Captain Viridian's powers, the gravity switching feature that makes VVVVVV so great, allows him to dominate in Super Meat Boy.

Thus is created this GR Pick, in which Captain Viridian essentially breaks some moderately difficult Super Meat Boy levels. Check it out, and then go buy VVVVVV:


It's not only Captain Viridian bringing his overpowered skills to the PC version of Super Meat Boy. Steve, the player character from Minecraft, has the ability to destroy and place blocks wherever he pleases. Gravity altering abilities, control over block placement, is it possible that Meat Boy has been outclassed? At least he'll always be stronger than Tofu Boy.


In my experience with Super Meat Boy on the Xbox 360, there were almost no situations where Meat Boy's time could be beaten by one of the alternate characters. Meat Boy's fast little legs and leaping abilities were simply too great. It's almost disappointing to see characters like Viridian and Steve on the PC, because they change the standard gameplay in ways I would have liked to try out. That's the point though, I suppose -- to encourage me to purchase the PC version as well. It's probably worth it just for the map editor!

What do you think of the PC additions to Super Meat Boy, Ranters? Who's the better character, Captain Viridian, Steve, or Meat Boy? What other sweet characters would you introduce to the game, and what would their powers be?

Super Meat Boy is now available for both the PC and the Xbox 360.

Source: Destructoid

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