Team Meat Justifies No 'Super Meat Boy' Sequel

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It's not very often that a developer feels comfortable in justifying their development decisions, but that's precisely what Team Meat has done. As opposed to say the Devil May Cry remake, where the developers have basically asked fans to just deal with the change, Team Meat has very reasonable approached this issue.

If there's one poignant reason in Team Meat's response, it's this:

"- We feel like we did it right the 1st time.Currently there isnt anything id change at all about SMB, and if i even start to think about the idea of a sequel right away i know theres no way we could do another without doing the same stuff. We fully explored all the possibilities of the game."

That's the only argument Team Meat really needs to say. The original Meat Boy flash game for Newgrounds was a quirky and fun platformer, but there were numerous limitations. After playing each game, it's hard to argue that the formula has been perfected.

Gamers are notoriously gluttonous though; gamers want more story, more content and more Meat Boy. Team Meat is, again, extremely understanding of this and provided some commentary on the subject. With regards to the story, Team Meat is comfortable with the amount of mystery left in the game world.

"Where did meat boy and Dr.fetus come from? what happened after the ending of the game? and whats up with the very end in the dark world?

these are all questions the player gets to answer for himself, it helps the player become invested in the story because it has an air of mystery they get to think about and add to themselves, furthering this will destroy this whole idea."

Don't let that ruin the mood though, because later in the post Team Meat explains that they are open to revisiting the characters of Super Meat Boy in the future. Just don't expect a platformer.

What about content? If the over 300 levels from Super Meat Boy wasn't enough, Team Meat recommends you pick up the PC release. Team Meat will be releasing a level editor and a level viewer with the PC version, because, "lets face it, Super Meat Boy isnt ours anymore, it's owned by the fans." Essentially, that means they want the legacy of future content to be provided by the Super Meat Boy community.

In an industry overwhelmingly controlled by publishers, it's encouraging to see indie developers do well. The success of Super Meat Boy and the honesty of its developers is something all aspiring game creators should look at with pride. The sad thought that there may never be a Super Meat Boy sequel is softened by the knowledge that Team Meat is still creating new, different games for us.

Super Meat Boy is now available for the Xbox 360 via XBLA and will be coming to the Wii and PC soon. The PC version is still tentatively scheduled for late November, but the WiiWare version has been postponed.

"attention internets, the wii version is NOT coming 1out in Nov its impossible. we havent even gotten the size down under 50mb yet (goal=39mb),"

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