One of our most anticipated games of E3, Super Mario Odyssey was on everyone’s minds as we tuned in to the Nintendo conference today, and we haven’t left disappointed. The Big N was kind enough to drop a new trailer for the upcoming Switch exclusive, alongside the long-awaited release date for the title.

The newest trailer has announced that Super Mario Odyssey will release on October 27 for the Nintendo Switch, as well as showing off some impressive gameplay to a very fitting soundtrack. It seems that there will be some degree of customization present in the upcoming game as Mario is shown in several different outfits throughout the video.

What’s more, it seems that Mario’s new hat-companion will give the plumber the power to take control of other enemies and objects simply by placing the accessory onto their person. With this, it seems that we’ll be able to control anything from a Goomba to a T-Rex, which is sure to come in useful as we try and prevent Bowser and Peach’s wedding from going forward.

With over 22.5 million views on YouTube, the announcement trailer for Super Mario Odyssey is Nintendo’s second most popular video to date, beaten only by the reveal of the Nintendo Switch itself. For reference, that’s over 10 million more views than Breath of the Wild‘s trailer got, which could suggest that the latest game in the Zelda franchise is about to be beaten out of its place at the top of the Switch best-seller list.

Obviously a lot of fans were disappointed at the lack of a Super Mario launch title for Nintendo’s newest hardware, but it stands to reason that the return of everyone’s favorite plumber to our screens will incentivize a lot more sales for the Nintendo Switch itself. Yesterday’s announcement of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle gives us a second Mario game to look forward to, but the spin-off title might struggle to appeal to long-term fans as much as Odyssey.

Interestingly,¬†Super Mario Odyssey¬†is being targeted at ‘core’ gamers or lovers of the action genre, a statement we’re bound understand a lot clearer once we personally get hands-on with the title soon.

Super Mario Odyssey is scheduled to release on October 27 for the Nintendo Switch.

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