Super Mario World Theme Park Attraction Opening in Universal Japan

Universal Studio Theme Parks' announces its first Nintendo-themed attraction, Super Nintendo World, which will be opening first in Universal Japan in 2020.

Nintendo confirmed through its official Twitter that the first attraction in its collaboration with Universal Theme Parks would be called Super Nintendo World. The company announced the attraction would be coming to Universal Studios Japan and accompanied the news with intriguing conceptual art.

IGN states that in a later press release that followed, Nintendo confirmed the new area will be coming to the park in time or the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The press release also laid out a bit of what guests will see and experience when they visit the new area.

Super Nintendo World will be comprised of expansive and multilevel environments filled with unprecedented state-of-the-art rides, interactive areas, shops and restaurants, all featuring Nintendo’s most popular characters and games.

There is an estimated 50 billion yen going into the park expansion, but that number is expected to rise. It's already 10 billion yen over the last reported estimate. Nintendo's new area will be primarily be built over current parking spaces and a specially designated portion of land.

Nintendo also confirmed the area will be populated by characters from the Super Mario series, as well as other "globally popular" Nintendo characters. The company says guests will be able to "fully immerse themselves and all five senses in the worlds of Nintendo." The various Nintendo-themed restaurants and quick service food counters littering the area are sure to help with a few of those.

Much of what Nintendo is describing can be gleaned from the the concept art and, while it's impossible to know which ideas will stick, it's enjoyable to see what direction Nintendo and Universal are headed. The concept art depicts two castles, one for Bowser and the other for Peach. If Peach's castle acts as a centerpiece, it's likely it will house a ride -- perhaps the main attraction for the area, exactly how Hogwarts functions in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

The giant mushroom building looks like a store, perhaps a hat shop. It could be called something like "Hat-a-Mario!" or "Mushroom Caps". At the bottom of the concept art, Peach and Toad are seen greeting guests. Up above, towering overhead, there looks to be some like of real-life platforming experience. There is the classic flagpole positioned at the top, a menacing Thwomp ready to squish park guests, and a few adorable Yoshi's that can be spotted throughout. All-in-all, the art makes Super Nintendo World look like a lot of fun to explore.

However, while Nintendo-themed areas are also planned for Orlando and Hollywood Universal parks, Super Nintendo World has only been announced for Japan thus far. Though, it's likely all parks will be receiving many of the same or similar attractions.

Two weeks ago, Nintendo posted a video addressing fans about the upcoming Universal Theme Park attractions, which marks the first time Nintendo officially spoke publicly about the subject since it was announced over a year ago. In the video, fans learned a lot about what to expect, but not a lot about when to expect it. At the end of the video, Nintendo promised to release more information soon and it appears the company made good on its word. Now, the world knows when the first Nintendo-themed attraction will be released. While 2020 feels very far away from 2016, everything that's been revealed suggests Super Nintendo World will be worth the wait.

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