Super Mario Bros. Speedrunner Breaks Last Week's Record


Just four days after a gamer set the Super Mario Bros. speedrun record, another speedrunner does the impossible and sets a new record by a few milliseconds.

In the world of video game speedruns, there are some records that are nearly impossible to beat. But that doesn’t keep some gamers from making their own attempts at history. One game in particular that speedrunners continue to play is Super Mario Bros., a game with a speed run under five seconds.

With such a short speedrun possible, many speedrunners can take thousands of cracks at setting a new Super Mario Bros. record per sitting. The speedrunner, who goes by Darbian, set a new world speedrun record this week by less than half a second.

What makes this accomplishment so impressive is the fact another speedrunner, kosmicd12, beat Darbian's previous world record by a single frame just a few days before. Breaking Darbian's initial record was considered impossible when kosmicd12 did it, so it was unbelievable when Darbian turned around and broke kosmicd12’s record just four days later.


To set his record, Darbian executed his run flawlessly, beating kosmicd12 by an impressive 316 milliseconds. Prior to Darbian’s latest run, many gamers assumed there would never be a sub 4:57 Super Mario Bros. speedrun. But with Darbian’s four minute, 56 seconds, and 878 milliseconds run, Mario speedrunners around the globe now have a new dream to shoot for.

Anyone watching the above video of Darbian’s speedrun will be hard pressed to find any potential flaws, meaning those hoping to take over the top spot for the game’s speedrun will have an uphill battle ahead of them. But with a new, seemingly impossible record set, there’s little doubt speedrun players will be hard at work looking to shave off an additional few milliseconds to set yet another world record.

As part of his run, Darbian attached a heart-rate monitor to himself and shared his heart rate throughout the run. Naturally, his heart rate was elevated during most of the run, sitting right around 80 to 90 beats per minute. However, as he neared the end of the run, his heart rate spiked to 140, a level usually achieved by athletes during training. That just shows that even a seasoned speedrunner like Darbian experiences a great deal of stress during his runs. Additionally, anyone looking to improve their heart health may want to consider taking up Super Mario Bros. speedrunning.

What do you think about Darbian’s new Super Mario Bros. speedrun? Do you think it’ll be broken, or is this the final speedrun record we’ll see for the game?

Source: YouTube - Darbian

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