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Super Mario Run Not Coming to Android This Year - Super Mario Run logo and gameplay

Nintendo releases a brand new Super Mario Run trailer, detailing how to play the core game mode, as well as showing off Kingdom Builder and multiplayer mode Toad Rally.

The next game to be released as part of Nintendo's plan to bring its classic franchises to smartphones is Super Mario Run. The upcoming mobile title stars the iconic plumber as he blitzes through different stages, aiming to collect as many coins as he goes. Since the initial Super Mario Run announcement, over 20 million people have signed up to get notifications about the game's release and with the help of a new trailer, Nintendo is now teaching them all how to play.

The trailer below features all three of Super Mario Run's game modes. In the core game mode, it explains, Mario runs automatically and players must 'tap' to jump or 'hold' to jump higher as they aim to avoid the level's perils (such as Piranha Plants and Goombas) and hoover up as many precious coins as possible before the time runs out.


The how-to for the game mode ends when Bowser pops up, and although this trailer doesn't spell it out, previously released Super Mario Run gameplay footage suggests that Mario has to somersault over Bowser's head to activate a claw that breaks the platform below, sending the iconic antagonist falling into lava.

The new footage also shows off the Kingdom Builder and multiplayer game mode Toad Rally. Kingdom Builder allows Super Mario Run players to design their own "kingdoms," using items (such as goal poles and staircases) to spruce the place up. Toad Rally, meanwhile, sees players race against one another for the highest score. As previously confirmed, players can choose people from their Miitomo friends list to compete against. Moreover, the game's iTunes page notes that items in Kingdom Builder can be acquired "with the help of Toads gathered in Toad Rally," making multiplayer all the more important.

Despite the how-to trailer being relatively plain, fans have still responded positively to the new gameplay. Many fans are saying that the three modes on show here do more than enough to justify the Super Mario Run price plan that was announced earlier today. With the other new Mario game potentially being a Nintendo Switch launch title, some fans are also saying that there's enough here to tide them over until the Italian plumber's next big adventure becomes available.

Given that Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing mobile games were delayed to make way for Super Mario Run, the game has a lot riding on it. The 20 million notification sign-ups and the response to the trailer are a good sign, though, so Nintendo could have a hit on its hands.

Super Mario Run will be available on December 15th for iOS devices.

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