The Japanese video game designer and producer Shigeru Miyamoto plays the forthcoming mobile game Super Mario Run while eating cakes of different sizes.

Recently, Shigeru Miyamoto wore a samurai-styled shirt centered around Mario on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, leading many to speculate if the Nintendo game designer and producer would eventually have an announcement for the famous plumber either related to a new Switch title or something having to do with Super Mario Run. While nothing specific has come of Miyamoto’s fashion statement on the variety program, he did recently put out a new video for Super Mario Run that features him eating cake while playing the game.

Shigeru Miyamoto can be seen in the video produced by BuzzFeed below eating four different types of cakes ranging from various sizes to show fans how easy it is to play Super Mario Run with just one hand. As if it needed to be said, the creator of such beloved Nintendo characters like Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Link, and Fox McCloud is incredibly charming in the clip, even while saying very little as he attempts to split his attention between the sweet treats and the mobile title.

While the video for Super Mario Run is indeed fun and silly, it offers little in the way of actual information regarding the game. Perhaps Nintendo is confident in fans playing the title as soon as it launches without having to promote it in such an in-depth manner as most companies do with console releases, as there’s already speculation that Super Mario Run will be a financial success for the Big N. As a matter of fact, some analysts have suggested that the mobile platformer will make sales of over $70 million in its first month.

Of course, even though Super Mario Run‘s release date for iOS devices is coming sooner rather than later to potentially give Nintendo a major increase to its bottom line, there are some fans out there that might not be so quick to obtain the title due to certain stipulations required to play it. For instance, Super Mario Run requires an Internet connection in order to be played, and a lot of folks might be dissuaded by the always-online aspect of the game.


Furthermore, the supposition that Super Mario Run will make buku bucks in its first month might be sullied by the fact that it’s a timed-exclusive for iOS. To be specific, with the game’s Android version not releasing in December, Nintendo not having access to that particular smartphone market during its first month might negatively impact sales at the outset.

Nevertheless, there’s always the possibility of Super Mario Run getting delayed on a platform beyond iOS being a shrewd business move on Nintendo’s part. After all, when Fallout Shelter released for Android well after its iOS counterpart, Bethesda reaped plenty of profits with word of mouth hyping up its launch on Google’s mobile platform system. Naturally, though, only time will tell if Nintendo’s able to have its cake and eat it too by putting Super Mario Run out as a timed-exclusive for iOS.

Super Mario Run is set to release on December 15, 2016 for iOS.