Super Mario Run Gets Release Date and Price

Super Mario Run Gets Release Date and Price - Super Mario Run logo

Nintendo reveals the release date and price for Super Mario Run, the timed-exclusive iOS title that will be the first official Super Mario game on mobile devices.

Even though Apple revealed the iPhone 7 at its event this past September, Nintendo managed to steal quite a few headlines. That's because Super Mario Run, the first Super Mario game for mobile devices, was announced as a timed-exclusive for iPhone and iPad. More information on Super Mario Run has been scarce since its initial announcement, but Nintendo has now revealed its release date and pricing scheme.

Super Mario Run will be available to download for iOS devices beginning December 15th. Instead of relying entirely on microtransactions, Super Mario Run will ask for a one-time payment of $9.99. The typical mobile gamer may scoff at the price, but it's worth noting that Super Mario Run will also have a free version that players can download from the app store.

The free version of Super Mario Run will allow players to try "elements" of the game's three modes without having to pay a dime. It remains to be seen how comprehensive the free version will be, but it sounds like it will essentially function like a demo. Nintendo is likely banking on the possibility that fans will enjoy the free version enough to actually buy the game, so one has to imagine that the full version will offer significant incentives.

Super Mario Run Not Coming to Android This Year - Super Mario Run logo and gameplay

Unfortunately, further details aren't available at this time. There's still a month to go until Super Mario Run releases on the iOS app store, though, so it's certainly possible that Nintendo will elaborate on what's included in the free version versus the paid version. However, there's also a chance that the Big N will keep quiet about the differences between the two versions until the game launches to avoid upsetting any potential players.

The game itself will likely make a strong case for buying the paid version, as Nintendo will want as many people as possible purchasing Super Mario Run. If recent mobile ventures of its franchises like Pokemon GO are any indication, Nintendo could make quite a bit of cash from Super Mario Run, which could go a long way in making up for the dropping Wii U and Amiibo sales.

Once the iOS market has been tapped, Nintendo could expand Super Mario Run's earning potential by bringing the game to Android devices. And if Super Mario Run turns out to be a success on both iOS and Android, expect Nintendo to fast-track its other mobile games, like the Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem projects, for example.

Super Mario Run will be available on December 15th for iOS devices.

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