Nintendo has never made it secret that it planned on adding new playable characters to Super Mario Run, and on September 29th, a new character will finally join the game. In the next update, Princess Daisy will become a playable character, and she will come with a special double jump ability to help her stand apart from the other playable characters.

Princess Daisy isn’t the only addition coming to Super Mario Run on September 29th; she will be joined by a new game mode called Remix 10, which actually has to be completed in order to unlock her. Remix 10 will see Mario and the gang play through remixed versions of existing Super Mario Run stages, which will give them the opportunity not only to unlock Princess Daisy, but new content for their kingdom as well.

The September 29th update for Super Mario Run will also feature a brand new world consisting of nine stages, new enemies, new unlockables, and more. Further details on what this new world has in store for Super Mario Run fans aren’t available at this time, but we do know that players have to complete the first six worlds before they can access the new content.


If all that weren’t enough, the September 29th Super Mario Run update has even more in store for fans. It will add a quirk where characters wear headphones if a player is listening to music in the background on their phones. It will also kick off a two-week period where players can make in-app purchases for half the usual asking price.

Super Mario Run‘s September 29th update is easily the biggest update for the game since launch. With all the new content being made available, it’s clear Nintendo hopes the update will not only convince new players to download the game, but also bring back those that have moved on to other apps.

If the new update proves popular enough, it could help Super Mario Run‘s disappointing revenue. The game was downloaded over 150 million times, but its $10 price seems to have turned off mobile gamers that are used to playing games for free in exchange for dealing with microtransactions and ads. Perhaps this new update will be enough to convince mobile gamers to take the plunge on Mario’s freshman mobile outing.

Super Mario Run is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: IGN