Today’s the day that classic hero Mario finally arrives on smartphone, with Super Mario Run set to launch in the next few hours for iPhone users everywhere.

Nintendo’s next smartphone game, Super Mario Run, which is bringing everyone’s favorite plumber to iPhone, launches today for iOS devices. The game should be available around the world in a matter of hours.

Ever since Shigeru Miyamoto announced that Mario would be coming to smartphones in 2016, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of the Nintendo mascot’s first appearance on iOS devices. The game is called Super Mario Run and it features classic Mario gameplay with a few new twists for players on the go to enjoy. Players will use one hand to control the classic character, tapping to jump as they try and make it through a range of levels as fast as possible.


It’s bad news for Android users however, as the latest game in the Mario franchise will not be coming to non-iPhone devices until 2017 at the earliest, with a fixed release date not available at this moment in time. Nintendo has also confirmed that the title will not be making an appearance on the upcoming Nintendo Switch console, remaining solely on phones for the foreseeable future.

When the game launches, players will have the option of downloading a free trial of the game, or upgrading to the full title for a one-time payment of $10 and being able to immediately unlock all the content that Super Mario Run has to offer. It’s an interesting way to handle a mobile launch, but it does allow the game to be a little more child-friendly by removing the possibility of accidental micro-transaction purchases which many parents will likely be extremely appreciative for.

It’s great to see that Mario finally available to play on mobile, but players might struggle to access the game at times, even after shelling out real money to play it. According to an unpopular statement made by Miyamoto last week, Super Mario Run will require players to be always online in order to play. Allegedly, this is to prevent software piracy, but it means that fans will struggle to access the game on public transportation or areas with limited internet service which might turn a lot of people away from the game.

For those who won’t be playing, either because of the price tag, internet issues, or lack of an iOS device, we’ve created a list of alternatives to Super Mario Run which will help Mario fans scratch that classic platformer itch without so much as downloading the game.

Super Mario Run is scheduled to launch today for iOS devices.