Super Mario Run Announced for iOS

super mario run

Shigeru Miyamoto announces that the Super Mario franchise is coming to iPhone during an Apple event, with the reveal of mobile platformer Super Mario Run.

Even though Nintendo has been hesitant to enter into the mobile gaming market, it's fair to say that the company's venture into mobile gaming has been incredibly successful so far. Pokemon GO has been a huge financial success for the company, making $200 million in a month, and with other mobile games in the pipeline it was only a matter of time before Nintendo revealed what it had in store next. Now, this next step into mobile gaming has been revealed, in the form of Super Mario Run.

The announcement of Super Mario Run was revealed by Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto during a live Apple event, and was accompanied by a fairly in-depth description of how the game will work. The title, which is coming first to iOS devices with an eventual Android release planned, is a platform game that only requires one hand to play, with a tap to the screen making Mario jump while the hero constantly moves forward. The Italian plumber is tasked with making his way through various stages, with the aim of collecting as many coins as possible before the end of the stage.

Alongside this main gameplay mode, which follows the Super Mario trope of offering several worlds to discover and complete, there is also going to be a multiplayer mode known as Toad Rally. This mode will allow users to race against opponents, both via direct contacts and other players across the globe. A third gameplay mode is also going to be available, allowing users to create their own Mushroom Kingdom according to the game's iTunes store page.

super mario run announcement

At this moment in time, Super Mario Run does not have a set launch date, although Miyamoto was able to confirm some details about the game's release. Apparently, the game will not be free-to-play, and will instead come at one fixed price with no microtransactions within the game. In terms of when the game will be available, apparently the release date will be confirmed later this year, but the game will be available come holiday season for iPhone and iPad.

This certainly seems as though Nintendo is at least trying to stick to its previous schedule for mobile games. Previously, the company had confirmed that up to five mobile games would be released by March 2017.  Following Pokemon GO, Super Mario Run marks Nintendo's second foray into mobile gaming, and no doubt other titles will be confirmed soon enough.

After the popularity of Pokemon GO, many gamers had been left wondering exactly how Nintendo would utilize mobile technology for its other major properties. In the case of Super Mario Run, it seems as though the 2D platformer formula is still there in some shape - albeit with more of a free running element than the usual games in the series. Hopefully, the title will prove to live up to the previous games in the acclaimed franchise.

Super Mario Run does not yet have a release date, but will be available by holiday season 2016 for iOS devices, with an Android release planned for the future.

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