Less than two weeks after its debut, Super Mario Run slips from its top spot being the “Highest Grossing App’ in the Apple App Store possibly due to its price tag.

Super Mario Run received a large amount of hype from fans on its launch day, December 15, 2015. The mobile game set download records that day and pulled in $14 million within its first three days. But that popularity seems to be dwindling a bit, at least when it comes to the revenue the game is generating.

Super Mario Run has lost its spot as the highest grossing app on the App Store, according to a report from Bloomberg. It no longer holds the top spot in any country. However, the game is still doing well when it comes to downloads. It remains the most downloaded mobile game in 68 countries, although that is down from holding that Most Downloaded title in 138 countries at its peak on December 17th.

That means that while the game is being downloaded by many people, it has slowed in the amount of those willing to pay the $10 price tag to unlock the content past the first three levels. Despite a new “Friendly Run” mode debuting last week, it appears it is not converting downloads to sales. Super Mario Run is undoubtedly drawing in fans to download the game, with the iOS game being downloaded more than 40 million times.


As a result of the game losing its Highest Grossing App title, Nintendo stocks slipped 1.5 percent. Nintendo shares have been pretty unstable this month with them falling 18 percent since December 12 amidst negative reviews for Super Mario Run and resulting doubts about Nintendo’s ability to launch mobile games and become successful in the mobile space.

That $10 price tag seems to be a serious hurdle for Nintendo now that the hype around the game has cooled slightly. It’s a fairly high price for a mobile game, and the strategy of locking content behind a paywall may also be a turn off for players. It goes contrary to the usual mobile monetization method of offering items for sale that will speed up progress versus paying to unlock actual content.

Nintendo recently sent out a survey about Super Mario Run that has many thinking that there could be a price cut or even a sequel to the game coming in the future. It’s clear that Nintendo isn’t ready to throw in the towel with Super Mario Run, as adjustments to pricing and additional content is likely to continue into the future. Just today, Nintendo announced that players will be getting a free gift of 10 Toad Rally Tickets next time they log onto Super Mario Run.

Super Mario Run is available now on iOS devices.