Super Mario Run Gold Goombas Mega Event Returns

super mario run old goomba mega event

The second major attempt at capitalizing on the power of Nintendo's IP for mobile devices took on the form of Super Mario Run, although the company has since admitted that Mario's debut on mobile did not meet its expectations in terms of generating profits. Despite the game being unable to generate cash at a level that Nintendo had been hoping, the company seems committed to giving players a reason to keep picking it up and playing through major in-game events.

One such initiative was the Gold Goombas Mega Event, which allowed users to stomp on golden Goombas that were littered across various levels. Doing so would earn stamps in a digital booklet, and after enough of these creatures had been crushed, players would earn golden Goomba statues to place wherever they wanted in their customizable layout of the Mushroom Kingdom. It must have been a popular venture for the company, as the house of Mario has just announced that it has brought back that limited-time promotion.

Admittedly, this event is likely reoccurring in a bid to appease new players following the launch of Super Mario Run on Android devices, as they weren't able to participate in the original event on iOS. The promotion itself will run from now until April 13th, so gamers will have to get to work stomping on golden Goombas sooner rather than later if they want to secure every possible statue before the offer expires.

There's been a lot happening with Nintendo's mobile games recently, such as an Easter-related event set for Fire Emblem Heroes in mid-April and a big Super Mario Run update adding different colored Yoshis for players to unlock and play as. All of these indicate that the company is dedicated to supporting its games well after their release, and it'll be interesting to see on the next financial report just how well these events have done for profit margins.

Super Mario Run is now available on iOS and Android devices.

Source: Twitter - Nintendo of America

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