Nintendo offers over 2,000 free coins to Super Mario Run players if they unlock the full game or download Nintendo’s newest mobile title Fire Emblem Heroes.

Super Mario Run launched a couple weeks ago to mixed reviews from mobile gamers. While some were excited to see an official Nintendo title finally make it to mobile, others were frustrated at the high cost of the full game unlock. That said, Super Mario Run has been a massive success for Nintendo, with the game clocking well over 50 million downloads to date.

With the success of Super Mario Run, it’s no surprise to see Nintendo churning out another mobile game for Nintendo fans: Fire Emblem Heroes. And to mark the occasion, Nintendo is offering 2,222 free coins in Super Mario Run for any iOS gamers that download Fire Emblem Heroes.

In order to claim the reward, players simply need to download the new title, then log in to Super Mario Run. Once in the game, players will be able to open their Gift Box reward, which contains the free coins.

super mario run free coins

Super Mario Run players that aren’t interested in Fire Emblem Heroes can also get the free 2,222 coins by purchasing the full $10 version of the Mario auto-runner mobile game. The coins can be used to help rebuild players’ kingdoms within Super Mario Run. For those new to the game, the story goes that Bowser has destroyed everything in a player’s kingdom. In order to rebuild, players must race through the levels, collecting coins and defeating bad guys. The coins are then used to purchase decorations, buildings, and special items to repopulate the land.

This isn’t the first time Nintendo has offered a free gift for Super Mario Run players. When the game his 50 million downloads last month, Nintendo gave players 10 free Toad Rally Tickets.


It’s nice to see that Nintendo is dedicated to the mobile community it’s looking to build. Along with the freebies, the gaming giant is also adding new content to Super Mario Run on a regular basis. Last month, Nintendo added a new game mode called Friendly Run that allowed players to compete with their friends. More recently, Nintendo added an Easy Mode to the game, allowing more mobile gamers to enjoy the auto-runner and join in the spoils.

With so much going for Super Mario Run, it won’t be surprising to see the title do equally well next month when it launches on Android. It’ll be interesting to see if the game claims the same spot as the highest grossing app like it did on the Apple App Store. If Nintendo keeps dealing out freebies along the way, it’s likely the success will continue for the mobile Mario title.

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Super Mario Run is available now on iOS devices.