Nintendo announces that a new Golden Goomba event has kicked off along with numerous bug fixes, and a new Easy mode have been added to the popular iOS app, Super Mario Run.

Though the company is still fairly new to the mobile market, Nintendo has found a lot of success with its most recent release, Super Mario Run. The mobile app flew out of the gates setting download records in the first week alone after 37 million people jumped at the chance to try out the game on their Apple device. With a ton of secrets to find from unlockable characters, hidden coins in the various levels, and much more, gameplay can get a little difficult for many players. As such, Nintendo is adding in a new mode to help ease the pain of defeat.

In a Tweet from the official Nintendo of America account, a new Easy Mode has been added to Super Mario Run in an effort to completely take the pressure off of the experience. For players struggling to finish the main World Tour mode, Easy Mode gives players unlimited bubbles, which essentially enable players to respawn after dying on the level. While any collected coins won’t save, the timer has been removed as well making Easy Mode a great practice tool for locating many of the secrets hidden away on each level.

The update also introduces a number of tweaks and bug fixes for the experience as well. Toad Rally, a multiplayer mode where players attempt to beat each other’s high scores, has been updated so losing players won’t forfeit as many Toads as normal.

Lastly, a new event called Gold Goombas has started and runs through February 20. During the event, players can hunt for and stomp on hidden golden Goombas to earn a stamp. Earning 30 stamps before the event ends will unlock a Golden Goomba building for their kingdom.

In addition to the Easy Mode news, during a financial call Nintendo also revealed that the game has passed the 78 million downloads mark as well. While on paper that’s an impressive feat, especially considering it only covers the iOS catalog of devices, the conversion rate for premium purchases has been much lower than expected. Last month, only 3 million players actually decided to purchase the full game experience, which is a very far cry from the total amount of downloads the game has received.

Still, there is an opportunity for improvement as the long awaited Android version of Super Mario Run is finally arriving in March. While details have yet to be fully revealed, it’s not unreasonable to think that all of these recent fixes and new content will be there on day one for Android users.

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Super Mario Run is available now on iOS and launches in March for Android.