Super Mario Run Not Coming to Android This Year

Super Mario Run Not Coming to Android This Year - Super Mario Run logo and gameplay

Shigeru Miyamoto reveals that Super Mario Run will be a timed-exclusive for iOS devices when it releases in December, but the game will come to Android in 2017.

The demise of headphone jacks aside, one of the most shocking announcements at Apple's iPhone 7 event yesterday was the revelation that, for the first time ever, an official Super Mario game would be coming to iOS devices. Shigeru Miyamoto himself took the stage to unveil Super Mario Run, an endless runner featuring Nintendo's most iconic character, which sent shockwaves throughout the mobile gaming industry. iOS users are no doubt excited to finally have their first official Super Mario release, but those on Android phones will have to wait a little longer to try out the game.

This is according to Miyamoto, who said the reason why Nintendo is releasing Super Mario Run on iOS first is due to the platform's "stability." However, he didn't rule out an Android release for the game entirely, stating that Super Mario Run should be available for Android mobile devices at some point in 2017. So, while Android users won't get their hands on Super Mario Run this December, hopefully they don't have to wait much longer after that to play Mario's first mobile game.

As for Miyamoto's reasoning, it seems unlikely that he's being entirely truthful. After all, Apple made a big deal about bringing Miyamoto on stage during the iPhone 7 event, and the announcement of Super Mario Run was a central part of its presentation. A more likely scenario is that Apple has paid to have Super Mario Run serve as a timed-exclusive for iOS devices, but that's just speculation at this time and can't be confirmed.

Super Mario Run Not Coming to Android This Year - Super Mario Run iPhone 7 Shigeru Miyamoto

Android users are used to being late to the party when it comes to big apps and games, though. As some may recall, Bethesda released Fallout Shelter on iOS immediately following its E3 2015 presentation, whereas Android users had to wait months for the game. Furthermore, the HBO Now streaming app was also a timed-exclusive for iOS, not coming to Android until after the fifth season of the popular TV show Game of Thrones concluded.

It's almost is if Apple works to obtain these exclusivity deals as a way to give people an incentive to pick up an iPhone over an Android-powered smartphone. Since the Android operating system can be employed by numerous companies, it makes it less likely that users will see any high profile exclusivity deals for the operating system, unfortunately.

So, while Android users will have to wait a little longer to try Super Mario Run, at least it's coming to the platform eventually. In the meantime, iOS users will have first dibs on Mario's inaugural mobile adventure, and it will be interesting to see if Super Mario Run's timed iOS exclusivity helps turn around Apple's declining iPhone sales.

Super Mario Run will be available in December for iOS and some point in 2017 for Android mobile devices.

Source: IGN

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