Super Mario Run Finally Getting Android Release

Super Mario Run Gets Release Date and Price - Super Mario Run logo

Following its announcement that Super Mario Run will be making its way to Android devices in March, Nintendo has finally confirmed the exact date when non-iOS device owners can get their hands on Mario's first mobile outing.

In a new tweet from Nintendo of America, it was announced that Super Mario Run will be headed to Android platforms on March 23 and eager players can pre-register for the game right now at the Google Play Store. No details have been revealed about the pricing format, but assuming that it is the same as that over on iOS devices, players will get the first 10 worlds for free and the rest of the game's 24 levels will be unlocked after a one-time payment of $9.99.

It's been a long three month wait for Android owners, but perhaps this will ensure that Super Mario Run will have a smoother launch for the platform than when it was released last December for iOS devices, which saw a number of issues come up such as a game-breaking Facebook bug. Furthermore, it is very likely that Android players will get to enjoy all the post-launch content straight away, such as the "Friendly Run" and "Easy" game modes.

While Super Mario Run was massively popular upon release, managing to rack up $14 million in its first three days, the game proved to be somewhat of a somewhat of a disappointment for Nintendo due to the relatively low number of players who paid for the full version of the game compared to the total number who downloaded the app. However, Super Mario Run could be set for a major resurgence as a majority of the mobile market is controlled by Android platforms when compared to iOS devices, and the app's upcoming launch will undoubtedly be something that Nintendo shareholders are keeping a keen eye on.

It remains to be seen how Android owners will ultimately take to Super Mario Run come late March. However, given how the game managed to set a day one record on the App Store in terms of revenue and number of app downloads, Mario's first mobile outing could very well have a great first week on the Google Play Store.

Super Mario Run is available now for iOS devices and is scheduled for release on Android platforms on March 23.

Source: Nintendo

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