Nintendo of Japan announces on Twitter that Mario’s first mobile outing, Super Mario Run, will finally be making its way to Android devices at some point in March.

Leading up to its release, there was a great deal of hype surrounding Super Mario Run, Mario’s first foray into the mobile market. Unfortunately for Android users, however, Super Mario Run was a timed-iOS exclusive, and until now, Nintendo has been vague about its Android release date. While we still don’t know an exact date Super Mario Run will release for Android devices, we at least know that it will launch this coming March.

Nintendo of Japan made the announcement on Twitter, but no further details were given. Presumably, Android users can expect Super Mario Run to launch with the patches and updates that were released for the iOS version since its release. Hopefully this means Android users can avoid some headaches that iOS users have had to deal with, like the game-breaking Facebook bug, and will get to enjoy added content right off the bat, like the Friendly Run mode.

Even if Nintendo delivers a more polished version of Super Mario Run for Android users, it may not be enough to convince consumers to actually buy the game. Mobile gamers are used to playing games for free, with very few willing to buy a game outright. Nintendo proved this with Super Mario Run, which was downloaded over 40 million times on iOS, yet only 3 million people bought it at last count.

Perhaps Nintendo will release Super Mario Run on Android at a lower price point to generate more sales. After all, Nintendo sent out a survey indicating that it may lower the price of Super Mario Run to make way for a sequel, and depending on how far along Super Mario Run 2 is, it’s not out of the question that a price drop could come with the game’s Android launch in March.

However, if Super Mario Run launches on Android at the same price as it did for iOS and still sells better on the platform, Nintendo may favor it for its future mobile games. In fact, we may already be seeing Nintendo shift its focus to Android over iOS, with Fire Emblem Heroes coming to Android first, and the iPhone and iPad release for that game ambiguous at this point.

As Nintendo continues to experiment in the mobile market, it’s setting itself up for an impressive first quarter of 2017. Not only will Super Mario Run‘s Android release bring in added revenue, but the launch of Nintendo Switch is in March as well, releasing alongside a brand new Legend of Zelda game. From the looks of it, March will be a big month for Nintendo and its fans.

Super Mario Run is available now for iOS devices, and will release for Android platforms in March.