Despite having been out for less than a week so far, Super Mario Run is already performing extremely well for Nintendo, claim new stats from online analysts.

It’s been less than a week since Nintendo’s first major solo game launched for iOS devices and Super Mario Run is performing exceptionally well so far. The game, which launched last Thursday for iPhone users all over the world, has already surpassed 37 million downloads in total.

Stats provided by market data analyst App Annie report that Super Mario Run has been downloaded 11 million times from the US appstore alone, making it the country with the highest total downloads, across all regions. UK citizens downloaded the game almost 2 million times, with Mario’s debut onto smartphones making up five percent of all game downloads from December 15 through December 17.

Super Mario Run's Game-Breaking Friends List Bug to Be Fixed - Super Mario Run iPhone gameplay

As for other miscellaneous stats, VG24/7 report that the app is used on average twice a day, where users spend around five minutes on the game before closing it. This makes sense since many players are likely playing on the go, so long as their phones have a stable internet connection. Tablet users are also playing for longer periods of time than players on iPhone.

Despite Mario being an even more popular Nintendo brand, Super Mario Run has not had the same level of success that Pokemon GO enjoyed, though this could be in part to do with the game’s paywall system. For those unaware, fans are able to download the title for free, but can only play a handful of levels before having to make a one-time payment of $9.99 to unlock the rest of the game. It’s an unusual and hefty price for a mobile title, whereas Pokemon GO made heavy use of micro-transactions in order to bring in revenue.

Despite not performing as well as PokemonSuper Mario Run has outdone the game in launch day success. The latest title in the Super Mario franchise has taken the App Store by storm, being downloaded almost 3 million times in the first day. This could be down to Apple’s system of allowing players to be notified the instant that the game was released but regardless of how it happened, Super Mario Run has become the biggest launch in App Store history.

For those who are enjoying having access to Mario on their iPhones, we’ve put together a handy guide that should help when it comes to unlocking all the hidden characters in Super Mario Run. Android users will have to wait a little while to join in on the fun however, as the game isn’t due to come to non-Apple systems until 2017.

Super Mario Run is now available on iOS.