Super Mario Run Made $14 Million in Its First Three Days


Super Mario Run makes $14 million in its first three days of availability, with just over 1 million players paying to unlock the full game, says analytics firm App Annie.

Nintendo's new mobile platformer, Super Mario Run, has already broken App Store download records. By that metric, it is clearly a hit, but as the game is free-to-start with just a small section of the game being available for free, the biggest indicator of success for Nintendo is just how much money Super Mario Run has made.

According to analytics firm App Annie, Super Mario Run has been successful in terms of revenue as well. The firm says that the game made a whopping $14 million in its first three days on sale (December 15 - 17), with an estimated 1 million players or so having paid $10 to unlock the title's gameplay in full. The game is expected to make over $70 million in its first month and it seems that it is well on its way to achieving that.

App Annie suggests that just 4% of Super Mario Run's 37 million players have converted to paying customers. However, as publicity for the game was "unprecedented" and cast a wide net, including mobile gamers who may be "extremely unlikely" to pay, this is understandable.


It's also interesting to see how Super Mario Run's paying customers breakdown in terms of territory. The analytics firm explains that players in the United States accounted for a massive $8 million (55%) of that $14 million figure. For comparison, the country only accounts for 25% of the global spend on iOS games. The UK accounted for 4% of the global spending on the game (the region accounts for just 2% of iOS games spending, globally) while Japan was responsible for 20% which was "expected."

Additionally, the data says that Super Mario Run has three million daily active users. This year's other mobile hit, Pokemon GO, lost 15 million players (approximately a third of its daily active userbase) about a month or so after hitting its "peak" user figure, so it will be interesting to see if Super Mario Run experiences a similar drop off, or if the game's fairly accessible gameplay will keep players occupied for longer.

Another big question is how this will affect Nintendo's bottom line. Nintendo's stock price dropped following middling Super Mario Run reviews, with analysts expressing concerns over its $10 price point and a lack of future content. It has yet to be seen whether this latest data will get analysts to change their minds and whether it will make stockholders feeling a little bit more optimistic, but Nintendo will have its fingers crossed for this, as well as Super Mario Run's continued success.

Super Mario Run is now available on iOS. An Android release is expected in 2017.

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