Super Mario-Portal Crossover Adds Six-Person Online Multiplayer

Super Mario Portal Online Multiplayer

One of the coolest crossovers ever, MariO (a hybrid of Portal and Super Mario Bros.), will be giving gamers a chance at online multiplayer madness. Surely, Aperture Laboratories never expected anything like this to happen.

The game already features a 4-player co-op mode, but this six-person multiplayer online feature is brand new and the developers are testing it out now. The first video of the gameplay has appeared online and it is absolutely chaotic.

The thought of this crossover was genius enough, but adding in multiplayer features is incredible. What is seen in the video is just a test, but hopefully we can see it come to realization soon. Killing Goombas never looked more fun when there are six portal guns causing a frenzy in two dimensions.

The video is short, but it's still a fun watch. Naturally, there are tons of backstabbing and Koopa stomping to go around. Check out the video below:


MariO is available to download via StabYourself, which released late last year. It has all the possibilities a gamer could think of when meshing together two great games together.

The game features:

  • Complete recreation of SMB
  • Elements from Portal
  • Portal gun that shoots portals
  • 4-player simultaneous coop
  • Level Editor that was used to create the levels in the game
  • 33 different hats
  • Downloadable Mappacks
  • Game modifiers for extra fun

Check out one of the original test gameplays from single-player mode:


Looks like a lot of fun right? MariO is available for Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Source.

Ranters, you may think this crossover is awesome, what other kind of crossovers would you love to see made possible?


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Source: StabYourself [via IndieGameMag]

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