Super Mario Party Announced for Nintendo Switch, Launches This Year

Super Mario Party Nintendo Switch trailer release date E3 2018

Nintendo's E3 2018 press conference is providing fans with fresh information about plenty of already announced Nintendo Switch games. For example, there is new info about the Poke Ball Plus peripheral for Let's Go Pokemon: Pikachu and Eevee while other big franchises like Fire Emblem and Xenoblade also got a showing. But Nintendo didn't just provide updates as there were plenty of new game announcements in store for fans as well.

One of the biggest announcements from the Nintendo press conference is that Super Mario Party will be coming to Nintendo Switch on October 5, 2018. The multiplayer party game will feature the same madcap mini-games that fans have come to expect from the long-running party series.

The announcement trailer for Super Mario Party featured a game in which one player rides a massive Chain Chomp and tries to chow down on other player characters and another where players ride barrels down a hill. There are also mini-games featuring horse-riding, tennis, and even a game where players have to cook a cube of meat in a frying pan.

The trailer also confirmed that plenty of fan-favorite playable characters will be making a return. Wario, Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Daisy, Bowser, Waluigi, Donkey Kong, and even a Goomba all make an appearance during the gameplay footage. Given how many beloved characters there are in the Mario game universe, it stands to reason that this trailer may well just be scratching the surface of the Super Mario Party character roster.

LAN multiplayer is confirmed by the footage. The trailer also showcased some interesting functionality when a group of four players puts two Nintendo Switch tablets next to each other, allowing them to play one mini-game.

With the announcement of Super Mario Party, Nintendo is only adding to the Switch's already healthy crop of local party games. During its E3 2018 press conference, Nintendo also showed off Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and all of the exciting gameplay possibilities of the upcoming fighting title. While the Switch is a system well-liked for its portability, its ability to offer players social experiences that help friend groups and families connect with one another is a major selling point. Nintendo intends to build on this in a major way and Super Mario Party is yet another example of its future plans for the console.

Super Mario Party will be released on October 5, 2018 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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