Super Mario Party: Online Play Confirmed


During E3 2018, Nintendo gave everyone a surprise by officially announcing the existence of Super Mario Party for the Switch, confirming that the new entry in the long-running multiplayer series is going to be out this year on the hybrid mobile console. Now, more details about the title continue to emerge, with the Big N also having revealed that the game will feature its own version of online play.

This much was revealed during Nintendo Treehouse Live at E3, with the Super Mario Party mode for online play being called Online Mario-thon. The online component will feature five different ever-changing mini-games that lets one play against against friends or people all over the world. What's more is that the multiplayer game will have online leaderboards as well as some rewards that will be revealed at a later date.


Undoubtedly, those interested in picking up Super Mario Party when it comes out would like to know more details about how Online Mario-thon works before committing to a purchase. While we wait for Nintendo to elucidate these matters, it's safe to bet that that the game will most likely be part of the paid service known as Nintendo Switch Online.

All things considered, should Super Mario Party's online features be a disappointment, the most highly recommended way to play will be locally, and LAN multiplayer has been confirmed by the footage shown during the Nintendo Direct E3 2018 presser. Surely, there are even more fun surprises to be unveiled in the coming weeks, as the E3 trailer also showcased some rather interesting functionalities when a group of four gamers put two Switch tablets next to one another, allowing them to play one mini-game. With the Switch being so versatile, there's no telling what kind of bizarre and challenging mini-games are on the way.

Super Mario Party is set to launch on October 5, 2018 for Nintendo Switch.

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