Super Mario Ornaments Being Released by Hallmark

super mario ornaments

Figurines of Nintendo characters are pretty popular these days thanks to the company's hard to find amiibo lineup, and now, at least one other company will be trying to get in on the hype. Hallmark is preparing an official line of Super Mario ornaments that will be available later this year.

Hallmark's website already has pages up for Mario and Yoshi ornaments and marketing materials spotted by Nintendo Everything also show a Luigi ornament is on the way. The figurines are being called "Companion Ornaments" and will be available in limited quantities for $15.95.

mario hallmark ornaments

As for when the ornaments will be available, an ornament of Mario is slated to go on sale on July 15. Marketing materials show an October release date for Luigi and Yoshi, so it appears that Hallmark will be releasing the lineup over time instead of all at once, a similar approach to what Nintendo does with its amiibo figurines.

The product description for the ornaments shows that they are indeed intended to be put on Christmas trees, but the figurines are large enough that they can easily stand on their own without needing to be hooked onto anything. We suspect at least a few Nintendo fans will be getting these simply to add to their figurine collection, no Christmas tree required.

Speaking of amiibo, Nintendo will be releasing a Splatoon 2 Amiibo set when that game releases on July 21. The first three figurines will feature Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl and a purple squid.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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