Super Mario Odyssey: Where to Find Yoshi


Nintendo's big day is here at long last, and Super Mario Odyssey is now being played on devices all around the world, in both handheld format and on tv screens. Now that gamers everywhere are coming together to put a stop to Bowser's wedding before it's too late, there's just one character that seems a little left out from the action. The question on everyone's mind is clear - is Yoshi in the game? The answer: Yes.

As it turns out, Mario's trusted companion can be found in Super Mario Odyssey, though he's not going to be turning up until after the game is complete. With that in mind, the following guide will contain minor spoilers for the newly-released title so those who want to go into the game without any indication of the ending might want to avoid reading any further until they've had a chance to play for themselves.


As we mentioned in our review of Super Mario Odyssey, beating the game's story does not spell the end for Mario's adventure in the Odyssey - in fact, it will open up a new world to explore in the form of the Mushroom Kingdom. On top of Princess Peach's iconic castle lies a Yoshi egg just waiting to be found, but first you've got to make your way up there.

Heading behind the castle will allow Mario to use his new Capture power on a scarecrow, causing stairs to appear heading up to the castle's rooftop. Hurrying up the steps before the timer runs out will allow Mario to gain access to the roof, where the egg can be broken to reveal a classic, green Yoshi. Unlike in previous titles, this Yoshi cannot be ridden around, but using Cappy once again will allow Mario to control him, giving Yoshi a cap and mustache in the process.

It's also possible to find Yoshi in other locations in-game, such as lurking down a tunnel in the Mushroom Kingdom, and his abilities are sure to come in useful. Aside from the creature's classic running on air mechanics, Yoshi's tongue can be used to stick to surfaces and grab objects. He won't help in saving Princess Peach, but it's nice to see that our old friend will be joining us on this new adventure, and he might not be the only one doing so.

Super Mario Odyssey is slated to release on October 27, 2017 for Nintendo Switch.

Source: GamesRadar

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