Super Mario Odyssey Switch Trailer is Nintendo's 2nd Most Popular YouTube Vid


With the launch of the Nintendo Switch, gamers worldwide are excitedly jumping into the console’s most exciting title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, there could be another upcoming Nintendo Switch game that could be even bigger than Breath of the Wild: Super Mario Odyssey.

Right now, Super Mario Odyssey is the second most viewed video on Nintendo’s YouTube channel. In fact, the only video more popular is the Nintendo Switch announcement.

This shouldn't be too surprising considering Mario’s place in the Nintendo world. The Italian plumber is practically royalty and is in many ways the face of the gaming giant. So it's expected that a new Mario game would be of special interest to Nintendo fans.

However, if Super Mario Odyssey is to be bigger and most successful than Breath of the Wild, it will need to be perfect. Based on incredibly impressive scores Breath of the Wild has received from both critics and gamers, the standard has been set high for any follow-up titles on the Nintendo Switch.

We’ll note that there’s still very little known about Super Mario Odyssey right now, so there’s always a chance interest will wane as more information is released. But for now, the game is very intriguing. What’s especially unique about Super Mario Odyssey is the opening sequence in the trailer. Rather than just throwing Mario into the traditional vibrant-colored, fantasy worlds of past Mario games, Super Mario Odyssey will take place, at least in part, in a hyper-realistic virtual city. In fact, it’s a bit disorienting to see a cartoony Mario running around a very detailed world, especially when the NPC characters in that world are themselves very realistic.

When the trailer was first released, many gamers compared the look and feel to a Grand Theft Auto game. And if the ongoing success of Grand Theft Auto 5 is any indication of gamer excitement, then Super Mario Odyssey is poised for success.


It’ll be interesting to see how gamer attitudes change as more information is released about Super Mario Odyssey. In the meantime, there’s plenty to explore, discover, and enjoy in Breath of the Wild.

Super Mario Odyssey is expected to release on Nintendo Switch sometime this year.

Source: YouTube

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