Since E3 a few months ago, Nintendo has devoted most of its time and marketing around one of the biggest first party Switch titles in 2017, Super Mario Odyssey. The ambitious title appears to be the biggest Mario experience to date, featuring wide-open worlds like New Donk City, the ability to turn Mario into other enemies or objects through his hat Cappy, and it’s chock full of secrets for players to discover as well. In the latest Nintendo Minute, brand new gameplay shows off more of the recently introduced world known as Seaside Kingdom.

Upon loading into the world, Super Mario Odyssey players are introduced to the resort town of Bubblaine, where a fancy oil tycoon-esque octopus has taken up residence on top of a large glass and uses a straw to drink all of the sparkling water located in this world. The locals aren’t too pleased by this and task Mario with defeating the villain in the Glass is Half Empty quest. Before diving too deep into the newly acquired task at hand, the hosts take a moment to find the Crazy Cap store to change Mario into the much talked about Swimsuit Mario outfit.

With that out of the way, the duo shows off more of the Super Mario Odyssey world including using the capture technique on a purple bubble octopus, which lets Mario use jets to propel himself forward or fly upward. Before taking on the boss of this watery world, the new Snapshot Photo mode is also shown off, giving players access to a ton of filters and other customizable options to help get that perfect screenshot.

Finally, the initial phase of the boss fight involves players finding three fountains which set off corks to knock the boss of his cup. To avoid spoilers and to let players experience everything for themselves, the team stops playing just as the actual boss fight is set to start.

Considering all the different worlds that Nintendo has already revealed for Super Mario Odyssey, it’s odd that the game won’t have a hub world like Delfino Plaza or Peach’s Castle in previous games. Instead, players will be able to access any unlocked world from a globe located inside of Mario’s red ship known as the Odyssey. It’s a much smaller location that is solely intended to keep the game progressing by offering a simple outfit swap station and a map to let players fly to the next world of their choice.

Super Mario Odyssey launches on October 27, 2017 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Nintendo – YouTube