At E3 2017, Nintendo went all in on Super Mario Odyssey, dressing its booth as if it were taken right from New Donk City. Fans also got an extended look at areas in the game and learned of brand new, never before seen mechanics like being able to “capture” enemies and objects by tossing Mario’s new hat at them. In another first for the mainline franchise, Super Mario Odyssey now has a higher rating than the typical E for Everyone the series is known for.

On the official Super Mario Odyssey website, a rating of Everyone 10+ is prominently displayed. Unfortunately, it’s not clear why the game has this higher rating as of yet. A quick search of the Entertainment Software Rating Board website doesn’t reveal an official listing for Super Mario Odyssey quite yet, but the official details and description should appear once October and the release date get a little closer.


According to the ESRB, an Everyone 10+ rating indicates that the game is suitable for ages 10 and up. Content for these games typically includes things like cartoon, fantasy or mild violence, mild language and/or minimal suggestive themes. It’s unlikely a Mario game features suggestive themes and language, but fans should definitely expect to see cartoon violence. Many have begun to speculate that having real humans in the game at New Donk City, with Mario able to jump off them, could have helped earn Super Mario Odyssey that higher than expected rating.

In another new twist to the long-running franchise, Nintendo revealed last month that the game will not have a Game Over screen. When players fall into a pit or lose all of their health, the player will simply lose 10 coins instead of having to start over. Though core players may lament the loss of the penalty, coins are important in order to purchase new outfits, so consistently dying could prove to be frustrating enough.

Super Mario Odyssey launches on October 27 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Nintendo