Super Mario Odyssey Speed Runs Have Created Weird Record

Super Mario Odyssey speedrunner sets record for "Nipple%" run.

Super Mario Odyssey speedruns have taken a turn for the sensual. No longer is it about getting to the end or collecting all the moons as quickly as possible; it’s about getting to see Mario’s nipples.

Throughout Super Mario Odyssey, players can spend collected coins on a wide array of cosmetic items for Mario. One such outfit places the titular plumber in little more than a pair of swim trunks, which immediately drew the attention of the internet when it was revealed. Fans fixated on Mario’s bare chest, to the point where the costume was even modded into the latest Super Smash Bros. title.

Mario’s nipples have evidently become a sticking point for certain sects of the speedrunning community, as a user by the name of Stravos96 has uploaded a video showing their completion of the so-called “Nipple%” speedrun in 9:58. Coming in 25 seconds faster than the previous record holder, Stravos96’s run sits at the top of’s leaderboards for the Nipple% run, which joins the likes of more “traditional” runs like “All Purple Coins” and “All Story Moons”.

One of the main challenges of the Nipple% speedrun comes from the fact that obtaining the fabled swimwear involves not just reaching a certain point in the game, but also collecting 1000 coins with which to purchase it. A key part of Stravos96’s strategy seems to involve repeatedly doing one of the coin-filled T-Rex sections of the game, but the video of the full run can be found below.

This isn’t the first time that speedruns have taken a turn for the strange. Both the “Portal without portals” speedrun and the “Diablo 2 pacifist run” gained a fair bit of press last year, and that’s just a tiny taste of what one can find while exploring some of the most popular runs.  Even outside of the speedrunning community, Super Mario Odyssey has become a target for all sorts of creative playthroughs.  Just one such example is the recent videos of people completing Odyssey without performing a single jump.

The only real question now is: how long can Stravos96 hold onto their record? Contenders for the nipple crown are showing up every day, so it seems like it’s only a matter of time before a new champion emerges. In the meantime, though, Stravos96 can bask in the glow of their victory, and based on their elated sigh at the end of the run, they’re doing just that.

Super Mario Odyssey is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

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