With Super Mario Odyssey‘s October 2017 launch not long from now, fans of the forthcoming Nintendo Switch title are surely trying to sink their teeth into as much gameplay footage as possible in order to determine whether or not it will be worth a day one purchase. With this being the case, fans can now get a look at nearly 10 full minutes of an actual in-game demo for Mario’s next adventure with the video focusing primarily on the title’s New Donk City world.

As seen below in the clip courtesy of the YouTuber Loïc Lance’s channel on the video-sharing website, the footage comes from a demonstration of Super Mario Odyssey at Japan Expo 2017. While the gameplay gives fans a good idea of the activities one will take part in while exploring New Donk City – climbing buildings and steel construction girders, collecting coins and moons, and accomplishing tasks like helping Pauline assemble a band for an annual festival – it’s hard to fully enjoy the gameplay due to the cacophony of the expo marring the game’s sound effects and music.

Not too long ago, Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto admitted during an interview that he had concerns about New Donk City being included in Super Mario Odyssey due to the cartoon-like design of Nintendo’s iconic plumber mascot clashing with the more realistic aspects of the virtual metropolis. However, as indicated by the above gameplay footage, it looks as if the game’s developers have been able to find a great balance between the title’s fantastical elements and the true-to-life aspects of the city.

Of course, New Donk City is far from the only environment players will be able to explore in Super Mario Odyssey, for as evidenced in the title’s initial Nintendo Switch trailer, there ought to be plenty of colorful and outlandish worlds for the plumber to visit. Be it the game’s festive Cinco de Mayo-inspired area, its lush forest landscape level, or its polygonal and psychedelic-looking food stage, Mario’s next escapade is sure to offer a diverse set of some of the strangest places he’s ever gone to.

All things considered, with Super Mario Odyssey set to be one of the Nintendo Switch’s next major exclusive titles, it’s safe to presume that the Big N has spent plenty of time polishing the game for its big debut this fall. Like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild before it, Super Mario Odyssey was proclaimed the Best of Show by E3 2017’s Game Critics Awards, so it’s definitely understandable for fans to be excited for its release later this year.

Super Mario Odyssey is set to launch on October 27, 2017 for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Loïc Lance – YouTube