Now just weeks from the release of its latest AAA title, Nintendo seems to have no issue with revealing more gameplay for the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey, giving us a look at an ice-themed stage and a brand-new boss battle. The footage comes from the Nintendo World Championship 2017 where two players, John Numbers and Thomas G, went head to head in order to see who could complete a stage in the game fastest.

Although the two competitors fought an even fight, it was Thomas G who reached the end of the Super Mario Odyssey level first and the experienced gamer was rewarded for his speed with a tricky boss fight. In the ‘Deepest Underground’ area, Mario is confronted with a stone Olmec head, equipped with two floating and fully-functional hands. The platform the two do battle on is spacious enough, but players have to beware the ice traps on the ground which will make it more difficult to avoid the incoming attacks.

This new boss attacks by sending out its fists Bullet Bill-style before slamming the stone extensions down on top of the player. Of course, like in many of Mario’s boss fights, the enemy’s greatest strength is also its biggest weakness and using Mario’s new power of possession will allow the user to control the giant fist and send it right back into the Olmec’s face – so long as they can avoid blasts of ice being sent out by the other hand.

Should the player be defeated by the boss battle, or any other section of the game, Super Mario Odyssey will be far more lenient than past titles due to the lack of ‘lives’ in the gameplay. Instead of reaching a Game Over screen, players will simply lose a handful of coins and return to an earlier checkpoint, in an effort to make the title more accessible for all skill levels.

The rest of the Nintendo World Championship gameplay gave players a look at several other Odyssey levels, where the competitors raced to solve a puzzle that utilized both 2D and 3D gameplay in order to complete. Taking control of enemies is also clearly a big part of the new Mario experience, as Goombas appear to have steady footing on ice, and Bullet Bills will allow players to traverse great distances with the power of flight.

Super Mario Odyssey releases on October 27, 2017 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: YouTube