In Nintendo’s E3 2017 Digital Event, the company took the gaming community on a whirlwind tour through a number of huge video game announcements, before settling down to a brief gameplay demo of the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey. There, Nintendo casually revealed the reason behind the name of Super Mario Odyssey.

As it turns out, Odyssey is actually the name of Mario’s airship in the game. The airship in question has appeared in the trailers for the game thus far, and will clearly play an important part in Mario’s journey to try and stop Bowser and rescue Peach once more. According to Nintendo, the Odyssey airship is apparently powered by Moons, so expect to be collecting these as a major part of the game itself.

Super Mario Odyssey made up a significant part of Nintendo’s E3 2017 plans, and the digital event was home to a brand new trailer for the game. The video itself also revealed the game’s official release date, with the title set to launch on October 27, 2017. Here’s another look at that Super Mario Odyssey trailer:

Strangely enough, the moniker of the Odyssey was not the only name of an item that became common knowledge through the E3 2017 event. Nintendo also reiterated the name of Mario’s hat in the game, which goes by the name of Cappy. Cappy is perhaps the biggest change in how Super Mario Odyssey will play in comparison to other games in the series, offering up to Mario a wealth of additional abilities.

The name of the Odyssey airship does makes a lot of sense. It harks back to Homer’s classic poem of the same name, which detailed Odysseus’ epic journey home after the fall of Troy, so it certainly matches with the role of the ship as it acts as his vessel across these varied worlds.

Going in to E3 2017, many fans were hoping for a better look at Super Mario Odyssey; indeed, the title was one of the most anticipated games of E3 this year. Hopefully, Nintendo has done enough with its Digital Event to make fans feel more comfortable, with more to come before the game arrives in October.

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Super Mario Odyssey will be released on October 27, 2017, for the Nintendo Switch.