Having revealed a new Super Mario Odyssey trailer earlier today, along with new gameplay details, Nintendo is going all out on hyping its upcoming game at E3 2017. This includes confirming that Super Mario Odyssey has multiplayer.

Yoshiaki Koizumi and Kenta Motokura from Nintendo EPD (Entertainment Planning and Development) took part in a roundtable yesterday and confirmed that Super Mario Odyssey will have multiplayer features. Koizumi said that “the first thing I want to say about multiplayer is that since this is the Nintendo Switch, and it does have two controllers, it’s very easy for you to imagine handing one to another person.” It could be some time until more details are provided, though as “the timing is not quite there,” according to the executive.

Koizumi also briefly touched upon the Nintendo Switch’s network capabilities, simply saying that “there might be something that you’ll hear about there as well, and we hope you’ll look forward to it.” Unfortunately the executive did not elaborate but with the Nintendo Switch Online service delayed until next year, fans may hear more about its networking and Super Mario Odyssey‘s multiplayer once that is closer to release.

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In the meantime, fans will take it upon themselves to speculate about these multiplayer features. Super Mario Odyssey allows players to spend their coins, and so it could see two players (as Mario and Lugi) collect coins to be the first to buy an item. Some have also suggested that it could allow players to face off as possessed items and characters, such as dinosaurs, rockets, and even human beings. Or, it could see one player controlling Mario while another controls his hat.

As Super Mario Odyssey also has amiibo figures, the networking and multiplayer could even include Princess Peach and Bowser. No doubt all three characters could get up to some seriously silly hijinks together in the world of New Donk City and it would surely be great fun for four players with additional sets of Nintendo Switch Joy-Con.

Nintendo has also confirmed that the amiibo will impact gameplay in some way, shape, or form but has yet to provide any exact details on what they do. The smart money suggests that they will indeed affect the game’s multiplayer, so watch this space for an official announcement from the company.

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Super Mario Odyssey is scheduled to release on October 27 for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: GameSpot