We’ve seen Mario do a lot of things over the years, but dancing is a new one. The latest Super Mario Odyssey trailer is musical feast for the eyes and ears that show Mario and Cappy cutting a rug through the streets of New Donk City.

This adorable live action trailer is set to the Super Mario Odyssey theme song “Jump Up, Super Star!” and features choreographed dancing. Mario makes his way through the city, interacting with various people and objects – mostly by tossing his hat around and briefly possessing them, which is a quirky new feature of the game.

This trailer is one the final promotional pushes before the game releases later this month. Super Mario Odyssey is the newest 3D Mario adventure and the first for the Nintendo Switch. Every new 3D Mario game adds new elements and changes gameplay to keep the series fresh, but also to keep up with the times. One of the biggest changes in the new Switch title is the removal of the ‘lives’ system, instead opting to punish players for dying by having them lose coins. The game’s director felt this was better for new players who might feel discouraged after being confronted with a Game Over screen.

Another change in the series is the game’s rating, which traditionally sat at E for Everyone. Super Mario Odyssey, on the other hand, is receiving a Everyone 10+ rating, though it’s not entirely clear why. Some speculate that it might be because it’s the first time Mario can bounce off the heads of real humans. That might fall under a different category of violence, or some such nonsense. The new rating isn’t a dramatic change, but it’s an interesting one.

Lastly, since Super Mario Odyssey has made a point to change many longstanding traditions, there is one other element that was altered for the new game and is worth mentioning. Super Mario Odyssey will not include a hub world, a staple of the series since Super Mario 64. The game’s Odyssey ship will fulfill that role, allowing Mario to travel between worlds without having to ever visit a hub. This will likely expedite the process, allowing players to reach new worlds more quickly.

Super Mario Odyssey releases on October 27, 2017 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.