Super Mario Odyssey: How to Get Jump Rope Genius Power Moon

Super Mario Odyssey: How to Get Jump Rope Genius Power Moon - Mario throwing Cappy

With well over 600 Power Moons spread across its numerous kingdoms, Super Mario Odyssey has no shortage of challenges for players to conquer. Some of these Power Moons are easy to acquire, but others provide a stiff challenge, with the Jump Rope Genius Power Moon in the Metro Kingdom standing as one that players find especially difficult.

As illustrated by the online leaderboards, some Super Mario Odyssey players have mastered the jump rope mini-game in the Metro Kingdom's New Donk City and can basically do it indefinitely. Others have struggled to hit the 100 jump minimum required to earn both of the Power Moons tied to it, but luckily there are a couple of tricks to make the Jump Rope Genius Power Moon a bit easier to collect.

The first trick has to do with an audio cue that tips players off on when they need to tap the jump button. Listen for one of the two women to yell, "HEY!" and then immediately tap the jump button. It's important to just tap the jump button, as pressing it in too long will make Mario jump higher and ruin the rhythm of the jump rope.


Besides listening to the audio cue, there's another trick to getting to 100 jumps in Super Mario Odyssey's jump rope mini-game. As it turns out, players can utilize Mario's ghostly hat Cappy to make the Jump Rope Genius Power Moon easier to collect.

By throwing Cappy, Mario can suspend himself in air for an extra couple of seconds. When timed correctly, Mario can use this trick to make the rope pass underneath him twice in one jump. This trick can be used whenever, but it is especially helpful later on when the jump rope really starts to pick up speed.

If players combine the audio cue with the Cappy trick, they should have far less difficulty getting the Jump Rope Genius Power Moon in Super Mario Odyssey.

Super Mario Odyssey is available now, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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