Another Nintendo Direct aired today that focused on the Switch and 3DS. To close things out, Nintendo gave viewers a broader look at the various worlds found in Super Mario Odyssey, including one shown to audiences for the first time.

The Super Mario Odyssey portion of the show began with a short recap of what we’ve seen so far, such as what’s driving the adventure – Princess Peach is of course kidnapped again – and how Mario’s new friend Cappy plays into the overall game mechanics.

After some gameplay footage demonstrating Mario’s new abilities, the presentation began showing and listing some of the available worlds, or Kingdoms, in Super Mario Odyssey while also letting the audience know there are plenty more to explore.

The Kingdoms previewed were the Metro Kingdom, Sand Kingdom, Lucheon Kingdom, Wooded Kingdom, Cap Kingdom, and Cascade Kingdom. The show then revealed the Snow Kingdom, Shiveria, for the first time. The tour ends in the Seaside Kingdom, a beach resort that’s famous for its fizzy water.

super mario odyssey world map nintendo

This was just one part of a larger Nintendo Direct that aired today that was geared toward upcoming Switch and 3DS games. Along with Super Mario Odyssey, audiences got a preview of Xenoblade Chronicles XMario Party, and Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, to name a few.

Last week a video released that showed five full minutes of gameplay in New Donk City, which looked to be the game’s hub when Super Mario Odyssey was first announced. The city was a focus in the title’s first trailer and it seemed to be at the center of most footage Nintendo has released since. However, it’s recently been revealed that Super Mario Odyssey will not have a hub world, something that has been a standard of Mario’s 3D adventures since the Nintendo 64 days.

It seems Nintendo is trying many new things with this franchise installment, clearly attempting to mix it up a bit. While the princess certainly isn’t up to anything new, Mario is visiting more realistic-looking locales, has a whole new use for his hat, and can possess a dinosaur. Your move, Peach.

Speaking of new things, it appears that Mario’s latest globetrotting adventure is a touch more mature than previous entries in the series. Super Mario Odyssey will be the first Mario game to receive an E10+ rating from the ESRB, a slight departure from the series’ “E for Everyone” rating it has had up until now.

Super Mario Odyssey launches on October 27, 2017 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.