During its E3 2017 press conference, Nintendo revealed a brand new Super Mario Odyssey gameplay trailer. While the new footage was welcome and went down well with most, some fans are more than a little concerned about Mario’s new abilities.

On social media fans have specifically raised concern with the fact that Mario, using his hat, can ‘possess’ random objects and even human beings. Although it’s all fun and games when Mario turns into a rocket or turns into a great hulking dinosaur, when Mario possesses a random businessman on the streets of New Donk City, it raises some real ethical questions. Some have even gone as far as to suggest that Mario is the bad guy in Super Mario Odyssey.

As fans joke that the new possession ability in Super Mario Odyssey may be something demonic, others have asked what the consequences are for doing things while under the iconic plumber’s influence. “Mario possessed me and forced me to kill a man,” jokes one Twitter user, while another asks if Mario is an ‘undead revenant’ who cannot be killed.

Some have also raised some very important questions: do possessed beings remember what Mario did when he was controlling them and how does everybody cope with the iconic game character running about and causing mayhem in their lives?

Mario may well be the bad guy in Super Mario Odyssey then, as he just causes so much trouble. But there is one other theory that may get the plumber off the hook: what if Mario is the hat and most games just feature the plumber because that is the hat’s preferred vessel? Amongst other things, some have suggested that the hat is a parasite and that poor Mario only flings his hat in Super Mario Odyssey because he wants to get rid of it.

Whatever the real story behind Mario and that hat is, it’s unlikely to put off most fans of the forthcoming game. Super Mario Odyssey will introduce some key features including the ability to spend coins on different items.

And there are also some draws for series’ newcomers too. Super Mario Odyssey won’t punish players too harshly for dying so provided that they can get over these incredibly wild and weird fan theories, they should be able to have a great time with the game.

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Super Mario Odyssey is scheduled to release on October 27, 2017 for the Nintendo Switch.